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As a child I loved to make art and when it came time to attend college, I went to art school. After I married I really wanted more education and earned a Ph. d. in Developmental Psychology. I spent a number of years as a professor, but found I really did not enjoy the other side of the desk.

In 1980 I resigned my faculty position and returned to my first love. I have been a professional artist since that time.

I work in a variety of media, but watercolor is my passion. I love the way color and composition combine to make an emotional impact.

My husband was offered early retirement. We sold our Lincoln, Nebraska, home and moved to Battle Lake, Minnesota, in 1994. We rebuilt our vacation cottage into a retirement home.

I have a marvelous studio on the second floor of our home where I work every day. I teach watercolor classes at Art of the Lakes, a community visual arts center in Battle Lake. I exhibit and sell my paintings throughout the United States.

Please contact me for price on my paintings.


Interesting people, gardening, grandchildren, travel, canoeing, literature, visiting museums, art advoacy.

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